University of Dundee в Великобритании

University of Dundee в Великобритании

University of Dundee в Великобритании

Что я люблю и ненавижу в университете Данди | Универсальные традиции, безопасность студентов и плохие арендодатели

Here’s the deal. I’m a UoD graduate. This is what I think about being a student at the University of Dundee. Disclaimer- I’ve stuck around to do a PhD. Definitely biased.

When I was first considering Dundee University as a place to study, there wasn’t very much info out there about what it was really like as a student. There were a few scripted tours and official videos, but I wanted more insight.

Everything is close by. Walking from the accommodation in the student halls (Belmont & Heathfield), to the students union, its minutes. All my classes on campus were within walking distance. And the Uni library was so close, I could easily nip home for lunch.

The staff are amazing. Both for Undergrad (life sciences) and postgrad (again… life sciences, just the shinier building), the staff are incredibly supportive & always receptive to emails & poking my head around the door.

The union. Five floors of madness. Two night clubs, one pub, one cocktail bar, one takeaway, one shop, one swimming pool. It was the main place for a night out in first year. Now I just pop in for a cuppa or a piece to eat now and then.

Dundee is CHEAP. The rent, the nightlife, the lack of travel costs… It’s the cheapest place to be a student in Scotland.

The Nightbus. Jump on for free and head home safely. What’s not to love!

The traditions. I signed up to Gaudi, the uni family tradition. Most schools do it (science, engineering, dentistry, medicine). Something to check out for sure. There’s also a caring tradition of 2nd year students visiting the halls accommodation they used to live in. Wee bit of a welcome for the newbys!

DUNDEE UNI HAS A FREE SHOP. Yep. Everything’s free.

Ninwells (the teaching hospital) is a maze. Security passes. Connecting buildings. No sign posts. ARGH!

The library is too small. It’s really hard to find a seat during exam season. (but the library is open 24/7). Desk hogging is also very annoying.

The campus is very noisy. We’re talking nightlife every. damn. night. The gym is also very loud. (watch out Belmont & Heathfield).

There are some accommodation traps for students in Dundee. Watch out for too-good to be true tours that promise the world. There are some lousy landlords out there.

Overall, Dundee Uni was incredible as an undergrad. Fun, supportive, affordable. My postgrad is in progress. But so far, so good!


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